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frequently asked questions

What is Instant CDG

Instant CDG is a web site which let's you compile your own karaoke discs and then burn them onto disc from your PC.

What is CDG (CD+G)?

All CD discs have the capability of including graphics on them, though most commercial discs do not use it. Karaoke systems use this capability to show the animated lyrics. This feature of CDs is known as CD+G or CDG.

Karaoke machines have special hardware to read this part of the CD and show the song lyrics on the screen.

How does it work?

Instant CD+G uses a custom Easy Karaoke program (which you can download here) to download karaoke tracks and burn them onto a CD with your PC's CD or DVD Writer.

You must download and configure this program before you place an order as the Instant CD+G program will check that your CD/DVD writer is compatible (most are).

To get your Instant CD+G karaoke all you need to do is pick the tracks you want on this site, place your order and then click on the Instant CD+G link and the Instant CD+G program will be launched and write your karaoke CD.

Which CD/DVD writers will it work with?

Instant CD+G will work with most modern CD, DVD and blu-ray writers. Very old writers may be incompatible.

The best way to find out if your CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive will work is to download our Instant CD+G burning program from here and run it. The program is free of charge.  This will check that you have compatible drives.

If your drives are not compatible but are fairly recent (less than 5 years old), please send us an email and let us know.

Which operating systems are compatible?

Instant CD+G is compatible with Windows XP and later desktop operating systems (XP, Vista and Windows 7).

Please note:  Instant CD+G may not work on server operating systems (Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server) because of the lack of support for Windows Media Player.

Instant CD+G is not current supported by MAC or Linux operating systems.

How long will it take to make a karaoke disc??

From placing your order, you could be playing your karaoke disc in a matter of minutes. The exact time depends on the number of tracks on your disc, your internet download speed on your CD Writer speed.

What if my download fails??

Because Internet connections can fail from time to time, we allow all purchasers up to two downloads. So if your connection (or computer!) fails during the first download you may try again. The link to the download page is provided in your comfirmation. Should you have two failures to download, then please contact our support team on, including details of your order number.

Should you have two failures, please contact our support team on, including your order number and delivery address and we will produce and send your disc out from our head office.

If you find that your PC does not support InstantCD+G please use our main site at www.easykaraoke.comm to order custom karaoke discs.

Is your content licensed?

Yes, it is. Easy Karaoke products are fully licensed by the MCPS and / or PRS.

Common difficulties

When you click on the download link in the Order Download page, you must be sure to select the 'Open' or 'Run' option which the browser presents. If you select 'Save' or 'Save as' The Instant CD+G program will not be launched.